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Library Includes:
Hurricane Video
Tornado Video
Typhoon Video
Lightning Video
Waterspout Video
Tsunami Video
Flooding Video
Large Hail Video
Dustdevil Video
Fire Video
Microburst Video
Ice Storm Video
Blizzard Video
Wildlife Video
Time Lapse Video
Heavy Rain Video
Storm Structure
Tornado Damage
Extreme Wind Video
Storm Chaser Video
Natural Disaster Video
Thunderstorm Video
Nor' Easter Video
Supercell Video
Sunset Video
Solar Eclipse Video
Lunar Eclipse Video
Underwater Video
Dense Fog Video
 Miami Beach Video
Global Warming Video
Demolition Video
Riot & Protest Video
Northern Lights Video
Volcano & Lava Video
Space Shuttle Video
Haboob Video
Monsoon Video
Sandstorm Video
Astronauts Video
Large Wave Surfers
Glacier Video
Hurricane Katrina DVD
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Welcome to Ultimate Chase Video Production Services
Specializing in licensing severe weather video for Documentaries,
 TV Commercials, Corporate Video, Feature Films, Breaking News, & More...
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Hurricane Stock Video - Sample Footage
Tornado Stock Video - Sample Footage
Lightning Stock Video - Sample Footage
Waterspout Stock Video - Sample Footage
Hail Stock Video - Sample Footage
Flooding Stock Video - Sample Footage
Fire Stock Video - Sample Footage
Ice Storm Video - Sample Footage
Blizzard Stock Video - Sample Footage
Time Lapse Stock Video - Sample Footage
Travel Stock Video - Sample Footage
Volcano Stock Video - Sample Footage
Solar / Lunar Eclipse Video - Sample Footage
Riot & Protest Stock Video - Sample Footage
Wildlife Stock Video - Sample Footage
Northern Lights Video - Sample Footage
Miscellaneous Stock Video - Sample Footage
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