Hurricane Irene Stock Video and Photos - Nassau, Bahamas - August 25th, 2011
Watch the Hurricane Irene video at this link: Click here to watch video
Ultimate Chase's location during Hurricane Irene: North Coast of Paradise Island / Nassau, Bahamas
Barometric Pressure Data from Paradise Island / Nassau, Bahamas
The lowest barometric pressure recorded during Hurricane Irene was 982mb during Irene's closest approach !
Stock Photos from Paradise Island / Nassau, Bahamas

Hurricane Irene makes her presence felt as Hurricane force winds whip through the Bahamian island !

Mike Theiss doing a live video report during Hurricane Irene's closest approach to Nassau, Bahamas.

The tropical palm trees are blowing in the wind at Nassau Bahamas.

All the gear is out on the best to dry after a long Hurricane chase.

Amazing sunset when Hurricane Irene's outer bands approach the island.

Amazing sunset after Hurricane Irene passes by the island

Amazing sunset after Hurricane Irene passes by the island

Hurricane Irene Chase Account:
Chase Account: Hurricane Irene was a tough decision and very stressful in the early stages of my planning but ended up to be one of the most comfortable chases ever... I knew I wanted to see Irene in the Bahamas but also wanted to document such a potential historic event in the New York area. I really don't like chasing Hurricanes that go higher in latitude than Florida because normally the quality of the Hurricane is less and to me experiencing a Hurricane in the tropics is the best way to see a Hurricane. Hurricane Irene was forecast to strengthen over the Bahamas islands and I knew I wanted to be there, But WHERE ?? There are so many islands associated with the Bahamas and to know exactly which island would get the eyewall is almost impossible to know 2 days before it makes landfall but you have to fly there 2 days before to ensure your flight is not cancelled because of the local airport being closed. In the end Nassau Bahamas was on the west side of the eye so I was not in the maximum wind she had to offer but still documented stronger winds than anyone in the Northeast experienced.

My Fiancée joined me on her first Hurricane chase and did a wonderful job. Its funny how I told her how tough it is to chase Hurricanes and you could be days without power and warm food, etc... We stayed at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island and had a fantastic time. The employees of Atlantis we very organized and handled the situation perfect, In fact for 2 days straight we had free meals and free mini bar. They had a back up plan if Irene strengthened and made a direct hit on us to take shelter in the conference room which would protect us in any strength Hurricane. In the end we did not have to relocate there and was allowed to stay in our rooms in comfort. We NEVER lost power but did lose internet. We had warm showers and food the entire time and I was only wet for about 1 hour of the entire chase. This NEVER happens.....Normally I am wet for hours or days and sleep in my car and might not shower for many days. This was a luxury chase but a success. I was featured on ABC Nightline, ABC Good morning America, ABC nightly news and The Weather Channel. My fiancée Andrea did a superb job of filming me in the Hurricane so I could give a "Live" report during the height of the Hurricane.

During the height the building was shaking and the toilet water was sloshing around until all of a sudden the toilet was was sucked dry and all the water was GONE !!! The windows were flexing and the wind was singing. I am happy to report very minor damage to the island. The only damage I saw was some large trees down and some light damage to fences and signs. As far as I know there were no deaths on Nassau and this just proves that Islanders are used to Hurricane and know the dangers and can take care of themselves.

I want to Thank Andrea for doing such a great job filming and Wunderground for featuring my blogs so I could give updates to their readers. Ok, back to standby mode until the next one.....


Watch the Hurricane Irene video at this link: Click here to watch video
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