Paraguay vs. Colombia Soccer (Fútbol) Match - October 14th, 2009
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FIFA Regular Season Game - Next stop for Paraguay...World Cup in South Africa 2010 !!
Fans full of energy in the Stadium "Defensores del Chaco" - Asuncion, Paraguay
Gustavo Adrian Ramos #16 blocks Paulo Da Silva #14 and uses his head to advance the ball.
Salvador Cabañas #10 controls the ball and keeps it away from Cristan Zapata #15
Cristian Zapata #15 grabs the arm of Salvador Cabañas and holds him back from getting to the ball.
Salvador Cabañas #10 and Cristian Zapata #15 watch the ball and wait for it to come down.
Nelson Haedo #18 tries to block the kick of Ivan Ramiro Cordoba #2
Ivan Ramiro Cordoba #2 leads the way as Jonathan Santana #11 tries to break up the pace.
Colombia goalkeeper David Ospina #12 watches as the soccer ball JUST misses going in the goal.
Nelson Haedo #18 falls to the ground after getting tangled up with Yulian Anchico #5
Nelson Haedo #18 falls to the ground after getting tangled up with Yulian Anchico #5
Edgar Benitez #9 and Yulian Anchico #5 struggle to get to the soccer ball.
Elvis Marecos #4 uses his head to pass the ball to another team mate.
Ivan Ramiro Cordoba #2 comforts goalkeeper David Ospina #12 as he lays in pain after hurting his leg.
Colombia soccer team
Paraguay soccer team and family
Paraguay players intensely watch the Argentina vs Uruguay game on the large screen television.
Former Paraguayan goalkeeper José Luis Chilavert gets a standing ovation.
Yours Truly (Mike Theiss) pre-game enjoying being on the soccer field. Read Report Below:
Report: Growing up one of my biggest passions was weather (storms, hurricanes, etc...) and photography. I've managed to combine these passions and now run two companies dealing with weather photography. My other big passion has always been sports. Every time I attend a sports game I watch the photographers sometimes more than the game and think to myself how great of a job that must be to be apart of the game and be so close to the action. My photography career has continued to grow but my passion for sports photography is still there and I've tried for many years to break the barrier to get into this genre. I have put in countless hours of emails and phone calls to get a press pass for a professional game but kept hitting walls. I have constantly been asked for a portfolio and I show them my weather portfolio and basically all the photos you see on but the answer I always get back is "I need to see your sports portfolio". Well, October 14th, 2009 was my day to crack open the door and take a peak inside. I would say I took the first step through the door but have many steps to go to really make this happen. I would love to shoot NBA games, NFL games, PGA games, Soccer games and basically all pro sports...
This soccer match was so much fun. I was a bit worried because a big thunderstorm was threatening and I was afraid my first sports shoot was going to be a big rain fest. While that would have sucked I was thinking "Ok, well I will get great shots of flying mud and a sloppy looking game might be interesting". I am seasoned in shooting Hurricanes so keeping my camera dry was no problem. The day ended up just sprinkling after the main storm passed before the game started. I was so close to the action and the sounds of the ball being kicked and the players noises really put me in the game with them. I was able to stand right on the sidelines and in fact one time almost got plowed by two players running full speed for the ball as it went out of bounds. I noticed my heart pounding hard and adrenaline was fully flowing when the players were at my end of the field and about to score a goal. Words really can't explain the feeling being right there during the match. Totally incredible. I can't image being that close during a basketball game. I am so jealous of the guys shooting back when Michael Jordan played and the other greats. Being on the sidelines photographing them must have been hard to keep your concentration on the proper camera settings and not to miss the shot while in awe.
Overall I think I got great shots considering the game. I am a Paraguay fan and that was the home team so both halves I stayed at the end where Paraguay was trying to score a goal on Colombia. I wanted to get a shot of the goal being scored and most important the reactions on the players faces as they celebrated the goal. Problem is Paraguay did not score one goal this night. Darn, In, fact they lost 0-2. There is a lot of energy in the air because Paraguay has qualified to play in the World Cup in South Africa. This game was not crucial to win because they are qualified to the World Cup no matter if they won or lost but this was the last game of the regular season and if they would have won they would have finished in 1rst place in all of South America. Oh well, There are still going to the World Cup. Humm....Now, if I can figure out how to get a press pass to the World Cup Playoffs in South Africa.
A big thanks to María Soledad Johnson Osorio and Sr. Nicolás Ledesmaor for helping me get the press pass and taking my step through the door into being a Sports Photographer. I could never have attended without your help, Thanks !
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