NASA Space Shuttle Launch - Atlantis STS-115 - Stock Photos and Stock Video
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Photo of Space Shuttle "Atlantis" on the Launch Pad awaiting lift off for Mission STS-115
This is the closest vantage point allowed during a Space Shuttle Launch. This shot was taken in the area designated for "Media" and NASA Employee's.
September 7th - Night before launch a lightning storm rolls through and a bolt of lightning seems to have struck the launch pad or very close to the launch pad.
Space Shuttle Launch Chase Account:
STS-115 Space Shuttle Launch: I drove to Titusville to watch the space shuttle "Atlantis" launch to the heavens. After 3 scrubs and 4 days waiting I had to get back to Miami to get ready for a possible Hurricane Florence chase in Bermuda. I missed the actual launch on Saturday but still had a great time shooting lightning at Kennedy Space Center and seeing the amazing space shuttle up close !
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