Our mission and goals at Ultimate Chase, Inc.
Our Mission: Raise Storm Awareness and Contribute to Storm Research
Raise Storm Awareness !!
We believe raising the awareness in today's rapidly changing climate is the key to saving lives and protecting property in the future.
Our goal is to capture mother natures most dangerous moments to let communities see just what it is like to experience a hurricane, tornado, or a flood, etc.... Seeing is believing and if we can bring home some of these dangerous events for you to watch within the safety of your living room as you watch it on television in a documentary or news program that the next time the officials ask you to evacuate an area that you will remember just how bad it can get and will take the evacuation order seriously and get out. We have talked with many survivors, and the most common thing we hear is "Man, I wish I would have left", "That was the scariest thing I have ever lived through", or "I had no idea how bad a hurricane can be". By increasing the number of people evacuating a community in danger we can decrease the number of injuries and deaths.
Help In The Research Of Hurricanes & Tornadoes
We contribute all data we collect to The National Hurricane center in Miami as well as other organizations involved with storm research. Ultimate Chase recorded the lowest on land pressure (942mb) while inside the eye of Hurricane Charley in Charlotte Harbor on Aug.13, 2004. We also captured on video a 28 foot storm surge rip through Gulfport, Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina. This video documentation verifies how high the water came up and to this day this is the highest storm surge ever caught on video in the U.S.


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